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The Firestone FS400: Balanced tyres for professional transport

When Firestone FS400 is a truck tyre which is designed for regional and mainline services. Used the high quality tyres from Firestone both heavy trucks as well as intercity travel on buses. Its sophisticated tread design helps the tyre balanced handling and safe driving in wet and dry conditions.

Strong performance on wet roads

Four circumferential longitudinal ribs pull up the profile of Firestone FS400. These ribs provide the necessary water drainage on wet roads. Bend hydroplaning effects before effectively, so that the truck safe is still on the road even when it rains. Connected are the longitudinal ribs with numerous sipes. These provide a good grip in all weather conditions safely. The treads of the Firestone FS400 are particularly robust. Truck tyres , which are intended for long-distance traffic, eventually must be many kilometers behind. Due to their low wear Firestone FS400 tyres are ideal for such high loads.

Proven tread design ensures safety

Constructed the Firestone FS400 for the control axis of the truck. Its innovative profile leads to high driving stability. This helps truck drivers to keep full control over the heavy vehicle in all weather conditions. Just as fast as on any steering wheel movements speaks at the Firestone FS400 on the brakes. Security is therefore one of the great strengths of the truck tyre. The tread pattern has initially proven in computer simulations before the production has started. For the Firestone truck tyres just nothing is left to chance.

The Firestone FS400 is a high performance tyre for long haul. Durable and with good safety features, it proves itself in use with heavy trucks and also shows the interaction with remote buses a solid performance.

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