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Gislaved Nord Frost C - excellent handling characteristics and high driving comfort

Even at extremely low temperatures and heavy snowfall make the Gislaved Nord Frost C from little. This winter tyre convinces with its high mileage, which is due to the many good handling characteristics.

Excellent adhesion and excellent driving control

For the severe Scandinavian winter developed the Gislaved Nord Frost C can also impress by extreme weather conditions hardly. This is the sophisticated and special tread pattern of this winter tyre Gislaved owe that not only ensures optimal ground contact, but also for excellent adhesion even on snowy or slippery road surfaces. Moreover, one can benefit from the well-balanced handling and the high smoothness of the Gislaved Nord Frost C, so that the best conditions for a carefree ride are given. At the same time the Gislaved Nord Frost C stands out with its low rolling resistance, so that this model is recommended also in economic terms.

Gislaved - a Swedish success Export

The tyre manufacturer Gislaved is famous for its high-performance models, which include adverse weather and road conditions can only little harm. This is the high quality and strong operational performance of the Gislaved tyres owe all of which are equipped with innovative technologies. Thanks to intensive research and development work of the Swedish manufacturer's tyres from Gislaved convince repeatedly in tests. No wonder that demand remains and the models are now available in many countries worldwide.

With the Gislaved Nord Frost C can also be severe frost or heavy snowfall calmly see. This winter tyre, thanks to its elaborate and special tread well prepared for all eventualities and impressed at any time with its good mileage and high performance. This expresses itself in addition to a low rolling resistance in a balanced handling and a special smoothness, so that maximum driving pleasure is ensured at all times.

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