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Goodyear Duragrip - the modern long-distance runner

That Goodyear can produce high quality and durable tyres, is now known. This is once again impressively confirmed by the Goodyear Duragrip: Because this modern long-distance runner copes as well as countless other tyres for the summer all challenges easily.

Good handling and high mileage

Goodyear Duragrip will satisfy a large extent thanks to its good quality and demanding customers. No wonder he has but a direct steering response and a high mileage, so that each drive a special pleasure is. This is ensured even the open profile on the inner shoulder of the Goodyear summer tyre that has been designed so that water can be drained quickly and therefore the risk of aquaplaning is considerably reduced. In addition, the profile and the block pattern has been optimized so that the noise level of the Goodyear Duragrip is again lowered. In addition, the innovative 3D BIS technology is to be mentioned, which is equipped with this model: As a result, the ground contact is increased and, consequently, improves the handling again. Finally, the Goodyear Duragrip characterized by its smooth running, so that the driver can enjoy a very pleasant and quiet ride.

In Goodyear Duragrip there is top American quality

The Goodyear tyre & Rubber from Ohio, USA, is one of the most prestigious and oldest manufacturers of tyres and has long been known around the world. All the high-quality products from Goodyear are characterized by numerous innovations and advanced technologies that can be ensured thanks to ongoing research and development work.

By Goodyear Duragrip the US company is again a quality summer tyre, the also adverse weather conditions can not bring calm. With its high grip, the optimal handling and low rolling noise of modern long-distance runner is a guarantee of a completely safe and comfortable ride - even in difficult road conditions.

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