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Instead tyre change: The weather tyres Goodyear Vector 4seasons

All-season tyres are the all-rounder of car tyres. Thus they may be both driven in both summer and winter, they must have the M + S marking. Only then can they fulfill the legal requirements and the requirements of car insurance . When Goodyear Vector 4seasons this is given. The all-weather tyre which offers excellent handling in wet and dry and good driving on snow.

Good on wet and snow

All-season tyres have to be more versatile than summer tyres or winter tyres. Goodyear Vector 4seasons instead to emphasize a special directional tread pattern. The wide central block guarantees high driving stability. Circumferential longitudinal ribs are provided for the drainage of wet surfaces. V-shaped arranged fins contribute to a good wet handling and minimize the risk of aquaplaning. At the same time, the slats can grip, even on snowy roads and give the Goodyear Vector 4seasons a good grip in winter conditions.

Low abrasion for longer life

The treads of Goodyear Vector 4seasons are also designed to withstand the most diverse weather conditions. In summer, the rubber compounds do not deform so easily, in winter they are still flexible enough to ensure safe driving behavior. These innovative tread compounds give the all-season tyres from Goodyear also a long life. In various tests of all-weather tyres may therefore impress with its low wear and long mileage.

Available Goodyear Vector 4seasons is available in various dimensions and fit to vehicles in the compact and middle class. Its balanced performance in all weather conditions makes it a safe alternative to summer and winter tyres.

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