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With the Goodyear tyres you get through the year

Goodyear - that sounds like a good year. In fact, every vehicle is due to the tyre from the American manufacturer Goodyear tyre and Rubber Company well equipped around the year. Car tyres Goodyear master every track with ease. But behind the name of Goodyear is still more.

Goodyear - a traditional company and a global player

Already in 1898, Frank Seiberling from Ohio, United States, founded the company Goodyear tyre & Rubber. He named his company after Charles Goodyear, the famous inventor of vulcanization. The vulcanization has made it possible to manufacture modern tyres. And Goodyear Company has perfected the production of car tyres. For landmark Goodyear was a winged shoe as a symbol of speed and ease of transportation. The company developed rapidly and was in 1926 become the largest rubber company in the world. Since then, Goodyear tyre & Rubber holds this position unchallenged and is represented on all continents of the world with its branches. The company is one of the leading tyre manufacturers worldwide. A major contribution to this innovative spirit and loyalty to the principles that have emerged from the outset and still play an important role in Goodyear: The highest quality standards, honesty, team spirit, use of modern technologies. Today, it is being studied in the company on the tyres of the future: There are possibilities of tyre manufacturing explored from a renewable biomass. By the way: For home users, the new app from Goodyear of interest may be. The application Road Safety App contains important information about holiday trips, to do in an emergency, driving tips and checklists for longer trips, including abroad.

Car tyres Goodyear - a wide range

The product range of Goodyear tyre & Rubber covers tyres for all vehicles: car tyres, off-road tyres , tyres for trucks and heavy trucks and tractor tyres, etc. The company manufactures summer and winter tyres and all-season tyres in a large assortment. All Goodyear meet the highest standards in the industry. The car tyres from the leading manufacturers are repeatedly test winners, such as the Goodyear winter tyres UltraGrip 8. This car tyre proves its outstanding properties during fast driving on snowy roads and on the wet road. Especially high praise gets the 3D-BIS Technology (Block Interlocking System), an innovation that was patented by Goodyear at different tests. tyres from Goodyear tyre & Rubber guarantee a comfortable ride and an equally high level of security for the vehicle and the driver. The tyre also hold heavy routes and was not fail either in smoothness even when wet. Sophisticated profiles minimize the risk of aquaplaning. All car tyres from Goodyear are characterized by their durability and low wear. The Goodyear adhere perfectly to each lane and show suitable for a trip through the Outback, both for everyday use as well.

Goodyear tyres - good frosting throughout the year

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