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The Hankook Optimo K406: Interested summer tyres

During summer tyres look just drivers of smaller vehicles on the money, because with little engine power keep cheaper models long. Nevertheless, the respective customers place great value on a brand name and high reliability. The Hankook Optimo K406 meets these requirements in full.

The Hankook Optimo K406: Good adhesion and low rolling resistance

Hankook is known as a tyre manufacturer for both tyres for cars to manufacture as well as for motorcycles and economy vehicles. The Hankook Optimo K406, however, is only a summer tyre for road cars. It has two main tracks which are responsible for giving the vehicle the necessary adhesion to the road. Outside is the profile that the moisture leads away from the road. This is where the Hankook Optimo on the structure, with which the company has had good experience in racing. the profile is that it ensures that the tyre remains stable even with a slippery surface between the tracks. The rolling resistance of the tyre is below the average of 30 percent who tyre otherwise. The Bezinverbrauch thereby decreases.

The Hankook Optimo K406 in detail

The Optimo exists in the tyre widths from 165 up to 255 millimeters. It may be for this reason of small cars used to luxury cars. The summer tyre also carries a V, that the speed indicates the maximum is possible with it. The letter translated means a maximum speed of 240 kilometers per hour. This value indicates that the Hankook can be used with almost all popular vehicle sizes and motor capacities.

The Hankook Optimo K406 is a good summer tyre which is suitable for almost all vehicle sizes. It can be used at a rate of up to 240 kilometers per hour. Through their profile, it guarantees even when wet for good adhesion and also has a low rolling resistance.

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