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Kumho Radial 857 Tyres

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For caravans and vans: Kumho Radial 857

Kumho Radial 857 is a summer tyre for light trucks and caravans, which distinguishes itself through its safe handling and balanced driving characteristics. Especially the sturdy tyre is used on caravans. But light trucks are the durable Pneu go and make his running joy advantage.

Strong grip on wet roads

The profile of Kumho Radial 857 is distinguished by its jagged grooves. These give the tyre an excellent grip, which is retained even when wet. In independent tests, the tyre boasts the high wet grip accordingly. The tread design prevents hydroplaning effects before effectively and makes the journey in rainy weather in this way secure. The Pneu the Japanese tyre manufacturer Kumho like an additional benefit neutral, balanced steering.

Temperature Stable treads with low abrasion

tyres for light trucks , vans and caravans have particularly rugged treads and carcasses have to be transported safely to the higher weight of vehicle and load. A high proportion of silica gives the rubber compounds used for the Kumho Radial 857, the necessary stability. At high temperatures, these mixtures deformed only slightly. This has the Kumho Radial 857 also has a very low abrasion. The wide middle part of the profile also reduces tyre noise and thus improves driving comfort.

Whether caravan or van, the Kumho Radial 857 can be used in many ways. Heavy loads are no problem for the powerful tyres thanks to its large load capacity. Reliable, the summer tyres is not only in sunshine, but even in the rain.

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