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Kumho Solus KH15 provides safe action and silent running

As summer tyres , the KUMHO SOLUS KH15 is mainly for smaller vehicles in the order from small cars to compact cars. The KUMHO SOLUS KH15 is designed for everyday use, where it is constantly in terms of safety, driving comfort, quiet running properties and wear resistance makes its strengths to the test.

The optimized rolling resistance reduces both wear and noise levels

With safe driving behavior and low wear of KUMHO SOLUS KH15 is a particularly suitable for everyday use car tyres , which is also already made ​​a positive impression with its comfortable, exceptionally quiet running characteristics in many tests. Since the manufacturer has chosen a tyre construction with optimized rolling resistance for the KUMHO SOLUS KH15 tyre shows excellent rolling in every traffic situation. This optimization not only the noise level of road noise for occupants and the environment will be reduced, but the KUMHO SOLUS KH15 is characterized additionally a particularly low wear, which makes it very economical.

Superior driving behavior in curves and when wet

When driving, the KUMHO SOLUS KH15 shows both on dry and on wet roads a good grip. This good handling characteristics are to determine both the straight driving and cornering, for a streamlined central block ensures the KUMHO SOLUS KH15 for high driving stability not only on dry surfaces. In wet conditions, the four straight lateral grooves of the tyre ensure optimum drainage of the water. This increases safety when driving in the rain and also protects against aquaplaning.

The KUMHO SOLUS KH15 the Korean manufacturer Kumho is particularly smooth-running and economical car tyres for everyday use, a typical representative of the standard performance category. It is suitable for summer operation and is mainly used as tyres for small cars and compact cars.

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