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Transportation summer tyres

For Transporter summer tyres, the requirements are getting higher. While previously just small truck tyres were used for transporters, manufacturers now offer special transporter tyres to grip, handling, durability, tyre noise and in particular rolling resistance are optimized out. For all of these properties, the buyer must the right compromise for its claims to find the transporter to buy summer tyres low.

The different types of transporters summer tyres

The Transporter summer tyres divided into different types. The first, somewhat outdated category is the small truck tyres. They are called light-truck tyres (light truck) and LT tyres (Light Truck). The tyres are reinforced, however have a high rolling resistance, a high pass-by noise and not ideal steering behavior. Among the pure light truck tyres to find the C-tyres in their production material was used in the truck sector. They are designed for heavy loads and offer a compromise between truck tyres and reinforced passenger tyres. The latter are called run flat tyres or XL tyres. There are virtually car tyre with an increased transportability. They provide the best handling characteristics, however, are the least resilient. Finally, is also important, whether a tyre with different vehicles and propulsion cope. Often a tyre is developed around for rear or front-wheel drive and only brings optimum performance.

These properties are important

Especially for commercial operation occur today due to high fuel prices and increased environmental impact economic interests first. Thus, the most important feature of a transporter summer tyre is its rolling resistance. An example shows that large differences result from an improved rolling resistance: When a tyre is mounted on a Mercedes Sprinter with excessive rolling resistance, it needs at 60 km/h 10.6 hp to maintain the speed. With a model that has been optimized for rolling resistance, the Sprinter requires only 8.2 hp. There is therefore solely by the tyres a fuel and CO2 savings of 15 percent. Rolling resistance is, however, in competition with other driving characteristics like handling and wet grip. Thus, the customer must be careful in the choice of tyres on which properties are very important for him. Should my vehicle rather drive particularly economically or provide complete safety and speed?

Transportation summer tyres from leading manufacturers offer under dry conditions is always very good driving characteristics. Here are particularly Bridgestone , Firestone , Michelin and Goodyear (for Hecktriebler) recommended. When wet, the requirements are much higher. Here in particular smaller manufacturers such as have Nokian and Nexen and Continental proved to be reliable. In terms of rolling resistance tests certify current models of Nokian, Continental and Michelin outstanding values ​​while Vredestein and Nexen put more on driving safety. Overall, the product range offers at Transporter tyres for all requirements the right solution, which can also be purchased online cheap then.


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