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Maxxis Ardent

When you buy Maxxis Ardent tyres, you are buying a trail XC do-it-all tyre that you can use on your front and back tyres. When you buy Maxxis Ardent sizes, you are buying a tyre with closely aligned ramped centre blocks. This allows for improved braking and a low rolling resistance. Along with that, the tread has large, angled shoulder blocks that allows the mud to chunk off as the rider moves. You may ask why a seemingly generic off-road tyre is often Internet higher-middle price bracket. The reason is that “Do it all” doesn't mean “Everyday.” It means you use this tyre in wet weather, dry weather, on the rough, and on the smooth.

Maxxis Ardent Features

If you want to get down to specifics, these tyres do their best work in wet weather. They are used for off-road biking and hobby riding but work fine on smooth surfaces. They are a TR tubeless tyre and are a high-volume cycle tyre that offers reliable off-road grip. Theses tyres are fast-rolling tyres with a 60 TPS casing. You can also get them with EXO sidewall protection and there are duel and single compound options.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Maxxis Ardent tyres

Most Maxxis Ardent offers are going to mention its great wet handling, cornering, and its mud grip. Even your cheap Maxxis Ardent tyres will work better than most on mud and wet terrain. The only downside to these is that they are not as puncture resistant as some other varieties of tyre. Even if you buy the tubeless variety, they are going to suffer if they are damaged by very sharp rocks, glass, or other puncture-causing materials. Perhaps avoid riding your bike over a wet beach in the morning, where broken bottles may shatter your dreams of a pleasant ride.

Getting the Best Maxxis Ardent price

The truth is that these tyres are a little more expensive than your regular everyday tyre. Your Maxxis Ardent front tyre can take more punishment than the everyday off-road tyre, and the Maxxis Ardent weight makes them suitable for downhill riding, all-round mountain biking, and for trails. If you want a good price, your only option is to search through legitimate traders and find the ones who have bought a little too much stock. The great thing about these tyres is how balanced they in are in terms of having enough grip for downhill trails, but not so much grip that they become unusable on smooth roads.

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