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Michelin Pilot Sport, the tyres for sporty drivers

The Michelin Man is well known and also the tyre of the group are very popular with motorists great popularity. Michelin is one of the leading suppliers to the Formula 1 - there are drivers among others with tyres as standard Michelin Pilot Sport go.

With the experience of the Formula 1

Not just in Formula 1 tyres for records are good: The Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 since 2005 holds the speed record, set on a closed circuit with a Bugatti Veyron. Quite so quickly are motorists on ordinary roads, of course not go. The tyres of the series Michelin Pilot Sport are still ideal for sports cars - not only Porsche trusts in the sporty design and excellent driving characteristics. Michelin Pilot Sport high performance are summer tyres , which remain by their special rubber compound even at high temperatures their shape. All tyre models are also approved for high speed classes to V - that means to them to around 240km/h could be achieved.

Good handling on wet and dry roads

In tests, the tyres of the French manufacturer perform well. They fall on especially by a good response on dry and wet roads and shine with good aquaplaning characteristics. In Auto-Motor-Sport-test among others the Model Pilot Sport 3 is replaced by the sentence "recommended" rating. Car tyres Pilot Sport series are designed specially for sports car: Whether Porsche, Dodge Viper or BMW M 3, if you like is in sleek vehicles traveling will appreciate the tyres. There is also a Michelin Pilot Sport line segment motorcycle tyres .

Michelin Pilot Sport is the tyre series for all drivers on the roads are like fast. Even at high speeds, they impress with good handling characteristics.

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