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Michelin tyres: the specialist when it comes to tyres.

Characteristic of Michelin is the all country's best Michelin Man, that simultaneously represents company logo, trademark and advertising.

History of Michelin

The French Michelin Group has its origins in 1889 with the acquisition of a rubber processing company by the Michelin brothers. Michelin is one of the first proponents of pneumatic tyres for bicycles and automobiles. It was in 1895 even the company Michelin itself, endowed with an automobile tyre and sent it as a test project in the legendary car race from Paris to Bordeaux. Since then, the company's success continues unabated. In addition to passenger car tyres , truck tyres, Motorsports tyres and motorcycle tyres Michelin produced since 1981 and aircraft tyres and has now extended its portfolio Michelin tyres for agricultural machinery, space shuttles and special vehicles.

Range of tyres from Michelin

Among the technological advances in the tyre market, the Michelin attributable, include the first low-pressure tyres, the zigzag profile in the outsole, the steel radial tyre and the former Innovation of tubeless Michelin tyre. Over time, Michelin has always implemented new concepts and developing its tyre products continually. Among the recent innovations made ​​by Michelin include products such as the summer tyres Michelin Pilot Sport 3 or winter tyres Michelin Alpin A4 for cars. Michelin car tyres are constantly tested by independent companies and cut entyrely positive from. For example, received the Michelin Primacy Alpin PA3 winter tyres, the highest award in ADAC tyre test in 2010 and also finished the summer tyres Energy Saver in the test of 2012 to second place. In the production of car tyres Michelin is increasingly relying on the criteria of safety, longevity and fuel economy. In the development and production of tyres Michelin sets this increased value on its commitment to environmental and climate protection. In addition to the "green Michelin tyres", the enormous savings by reducing the rolling resistance Fuel, the company supports the Challenge Bibendum, the development of environmentally friendly vehicles.

Already the second time Michelin was honored in 2012 with the award for "tyre Manufacturer of the Year 2012".

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