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The Mitas C 05 - stable rounder for mixed soils

The Mitas C 05 is a motorcycle tyre , which shines particularly by its strong casing. But its long life makes it a proven tyre for mixed soils.

Balanced performance in all areas

The Mitas C 05 is a particularly stable all-rounder, who feels at home on all surfaces. The balance of traction and stability in all areas of the site makes it already a good choice, good handling, long service life and especially its robustness make it still more convincing. The resistant studs have only a very slight abrasion which increased only slightly on a hard surface or on the road even when driving. For hobbyists or amateurs of Mitas C 05 is therefore a highly recommended motorcycle summer tyres , basically you can thus hardly do anything wrong. The Mitas C 05 is like the suit for any terrain. Even less experienced drivers generally come along well with its balanced and stable driving behavior.

Special tyres from specialists - Mitas

tyres for motorcycles in the offroad and motocross use are the specialty of the Czech manufacturer who has deviated produced for Continental and adopted the famous brands Barum and Trelleborg few years ago. In addition to the motorcycle industry Mitas is also a specialist in agricultural tyres, aircraft tyres and for commercial purpose vehicles such as forklifts. In all areas enjoying Mitas doing an excellent reputation when it comes to the quality, performance and especially the durability of tyres.

The Mitas C 05 is an extremely stable all-rounder for any terrain. He feels on any surface equally well, has high stability, balanced driving characteristics and high traction in every situation. The low abrasion makes it the possibility a good choice for the site everyday.

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