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Nankang AS 1 - a quality summer tyre

With the Nankang AS 1 of the popular tyre manufacturer from Taiwain presents a completely convincing summer tyres , which, thanks to its many good handling characteristics for relaxed car rides.

Smooth running and security when Nankang AS 1

The Nankang AS 1 is the reputation of the Taiwanese tyre manufacturer more than justice. Because of these summer tyres Nankang has an asymmetric tread pattern which provides a smooth operation and a comprehensive safety even in difficult road conditions and adverse weather conditions. This is ensured by the quality tread compound of silica, which provides for improved handling on dry surfaces and on wet asphalt. In addition, the low rolling resistance and high mileage of Nankang AS 1 should be mentioned, which also contribute to an unadulterated driving pleasure with.

Nankang - the tyre specialist from Taiwan

Founded in 1940 by Japanese emigrants, the tyre manufacturer Nankang from Taiwan could quickly zoom. Long since the quality will be Nankang tyres in countless countries sold worldwide. Especially in demand are the tyres from Nankang in Asia and in the USA, but also in Europe acquire the models of the Taiwanese tyre specialists an increasingly higher profile. Now the company of Taipei has a wide range of different models that can be used both in winter and in summer. Besides the many good qualities of Nankang tyres also consistent price-performance ratio of all tyres should be mentioned that the popularity of models increases significantly again.

The Nankang AS 1 with its sophisticated tread pattern guarantee a completely safe and relaxed drive. No wonder he has but an excellent handling on both wet and dry conditions and achieved the highest values ​​in terms of safety and stability. We should also mention the consistent price-performance ratio, with the Nankang AS can score. 1

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