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Nexen N 6000 car tyres combine sportiness with elegance

Car tyres are primarily that a high level of road safety. They should also ensure a comfortable ride. But in addition, they should also be understood visually appealing. All these aspects combine consistently successful Nexen N 6000 tyre skillfully blend and also even allow even an extremely dynamic driving.

Nexen N 6000 tyres are perfect for sporty drivers

The Nexen summer tyres of the N 6000 series are perfectly matched to the needs of sporty drivers who have a superior claim to aesthetics. Accordingly, given 6000 even with rapid high-speed drives optimal performance with a stylish or even luxurious to be designated Nexen N. This is firstly due to the extremely robust tread with directional profile design in V-shape. In addition, the N 6000 Nexen tyres have a double central rib that supports the straight running stability and an exemplary steering response. This already completely convincing steering behavior is again increased appreciably by the particularly wide contact surface.

Other advantages of Nexen N 6000 tyre

The N 6000 series of the popular brand Nexen is also characterized to the aforementioned properties by an outstandingly good durability, a possible low rolling resistance and a soothing smoothness. It is very quiet road noise is due to the optimized tread design with five different distance variants. Moreover Nexen N prove 6000 tyres because of their four straight tread grooves an outstanding performance in terms of the perceived risks of aquaplaning. Moreover Nexen N 6000 have tyres with their silica blend of styrene-butadiene extremely reliable braking performance and excellent road holding.

The high absolute quality Nexen N 6000 car tyres are the perfect choice for safety-conscious aesthetes who want to take dynamic driving, but this no disturbing operating noises in purchasing.

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