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Who is looking for a set of high quality and very durable car tyres, which is the right place for the South Korean tyre manufacturer Nexen. Nexen tyres are produced for almost every car make and can be ordered both as a summer as well as winter or all-season tyres.

The company Nexen

The company Nexen is headquartered in South Korea, but the company occurs worldwide and sells its tyres. Founded as the tyre company in 1942, the first South Korean tyre producer ever. In its history, the company changed its name several times. Nexen is the company since 2000, where Nexen is a combination of the words and Next Century should be. Nexen is now one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the world and a workforce of approximately 2,000 employees. Throughout the company's history Nexen has repeatedly been awarded for numerous innovations in the field of tyres Technolgie.

The product Nexen tyre

Nexen tyres for both cars made ​​as well as for trucks and buses. Also specifically for motorsport, the South Koreans have launched a series tyres. The products range from standard winter and summer tyres to comfort tyres or special off-road tyres. All Nexen tyres but manufactured with high quality materials that are available for a good grip in any weather, an excellent braking performance and also little road noise. Nexen tyres before they come on the market, subject to very thorough and long tests. Also an appealing profile design is placed at Nexen highest value.

In its long history as a tyre manufacturer Nexen has become able to convince millions of people with its products. Nexen tyres are in any case for all the right choice, who want to drive a high-quality and highly durable tyre.

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