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More driving pleasure in terrain - with 235 65 R18 road tyres

Terrain tyres for off-road vehicles and SUVs need better cushioning than regular car tyres. This will get them mainly on the rubber compound. For this reason, the dimension 235 65 R18 is very well suited as a summer, winter or all-season tyres for ATVs.

Ride comfort meets road performance

tyres with the dimensions 235 65 R18 tyres have a width of 235 mm, a tyre height of 152.75 mm (235 mm * 0.65) and are suitable for rims with a diameter of 18 inches. The tyre width determines, among other things as a high traction tyres. With increasing contact area, the weight per square centimeter is less. In this way, soft rubber mixtures can be used, which provide a very good traction and therefore traction. The ride comfort is affected by tyre height and inside diameter (Felgengöße). A tyre height of 152.75 mm allows a very good damping and off the road. With the size of the inner diameter, however, also increases the stability while driving.

Two offroad tyres for optimum grip in winter

The tyre Serie Cooper WEATHER MASTER WSC represents laufstarke offroad winter tyres. In the dimension 235 65 R18 tyres convince especially through their grip in slush and ice. The rubber compound of the tyre has silica (silica) as a component, which greatly improves wet traction. In addition, the so-called Snow-Groove technology ensures that the tyres will optmalen grip in snow. Who in the winter also emphasis on high fuel efficiency, opts for the off-road tyre series CROSS CONTACT WINTER XL from Continental . The tubeless radial tyres are marked in the EU label each with wet grip and energy efficiency with the C class. Moreover convince the winter tyres by low tyre noise.

The ideal size for powerful SUV and offroad tyres denominated 235 65 R18. A high traction and driving stability and comfort guarantee a safe and pleasant ride and next to the road.

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