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235 75 R15 tyres - excellent off-road tyres for off-road vehicles and SUVs

The tyre size 235 75 R15 is in the range of road tyres at home. Their wide tread and the large amount Pneus this dimension are ideal for SUVs and off-roaders .

Good traction and excellent driving comfort

to develop a tyre that aufweißt the perfect blend of handling and ride comfort, is extremely difficult. Depending both characteristics of height and width of the tyre and the rubber compound and tread pattern. Wide tyres like the 235 75 R15 tyres convince with good traction. This affects the braking performance, handling and traction. The following applies: With increasing width increases the grip on. About the tyre height, however, the ride comfort is affected. The longer the tyre walls are, the more comfort the tyre. However, this formula is still from the inside diameter of the tyre depends. With an inside diameter of 15 inches and a height of 176.25 mm tyres sized 235 75 R15 offer plenty of driving comfort, since the proportion of rubber is very high.

The DYNAMPRO HP Hankook - a fuel-efficient comfort riding for the terrain

A tyre series the size 235 75 R15, which is characterized Duch good driving characteristics and low fuel consumption, is the series Hankook DYNAPRO HP RA 23 . The wide radial tyres guarantee in summertime a safe and comfortable ride on the road and off. Thanks to its effective block profile and the wide tread on the tyres achieve excellent wet grip. In EU tyre label this is indicated by the class B. Also convincing: the energy efficiency of the summer tyre . The fuel-saving tyres comfort is also relatively quiet.

235 75 R15-road tyres offer by its dimensions and driving comfort Fahleistung alike. Overall, a good choice for off-road vehicles and SUVs.

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