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Hankook offroad tyres in top quality

The tyre manufacturer Hankook is one of the fastest-growing manufacturers in the world. The traditonsreiche company was founded in 1941 in South Korea and manufactures tyres in all segments . In 1982, a technology and research center was founded in the USA. Since 2001, the Asian tyre producer is also increasingly in Europe successfully.

Premium SUV offroad tyres

The aspiring manufacturers committed to developing advanced technologies in order to convince the customers with high-quality tyres. The customer satisfaction is evidenced by the strong sales of the company in 185 countries, which ranked number 7 worldwide. The company moves a step closer to its vision of a senior global tyre producers, which meets its customers with valuable products and driving pleasure. This is also achieved by the Hankook offroad tyres that meet the highest demands and stresses. Of course, in this segment after summer, winter, all-season, special tyres terrain tyres are chosen or suitable space.

Cheap quality tyres

To the product range of Hankook include not only passenger car tyres and motorcycle, van and truck tyres . For all tyre lines the specialist relies on an optimum tyre control even in wet weather or in winter. The tyres thus provide the required driving safety, to enable the driver in all situations relaxed driving. In addition, product lines are focused on environmentally friendly handling characteristics that form a fuel economy and longevity of the materials an optimal relationship to the safety awareness.

Hankook offroad tyres are the ideal accompaniment for the SUV, who has to cope with a challenging driving in or away from the traffic. Cheap tyres without compromising quality!

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