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Quality Kumho Offroadreifen

The Asian tyre manufacturer Kumho has earned a worldwide reputation and is located in Europe on the fast track. The tyre manufacturer was founded in 1960 in South Korea as part of the tradition Group Kumho Asiana Group. Your sales activities controls the companies in Germany and Europe through its subsidiary in Offenbach. Mostly produced Kumho tyres for cars, vans and trucks belonging to the original by leading automakers in Asia and Germany already.

Demanding Kumho Offroadreifen

The outstanding quality of Kumho is confirmed by numerous independent test results. The Kumho offroad tyres have been developed for high demands which have optimal handling characteristics and perfect driving both onroad and offroad area. With new technologies Kumho ensures optimum traction and an impressive braking force of the tyre. All tyre lines offer the satisfied customers ideal driving conditions, regardless of the traffic underground. The innovative tyre for SUV is for summer , winter , all-season, special or All Terrain tyres available.

Innvovation and Technology

Kumho stands for innovation through constant technological advancement, it was claimed by the leading position. The first tyre manufacturer in the world Kumho RunFlat has produced tyres which found imitators in the competition. Furthermore, Kumho developed first 32-inch tyres and UHP tyres, which had a 20 aspect ratio. Also in motorsport Kumho is no uncertainty. Not only equips this Formula 3 from, but won in 2012 even the LMP 2 class at the famous Le Mans race.

Who is in the SUV range of comfort and safety, is well advised with the inexpensive tyres from Kumho.

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