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Pirelli Chrono - the perfect tyre for vans

With Pirelli Chrono provides the world's most successful manufacturer Pirelli again a high quality tyre designed specially for transporters was developed. Especially in adverse conditions offers this allrounder a fully convincing overall performance.

High mileage at Pirelli Chrono

With Pirelli Chrono one is very relaxed traveling even in damp and wet. No wonder, this tyre but by its large load capacity and its reinforced structure, which makes the Pirelli Chrono particularly powerful and reliable. This transporter tyre is equipped with a special rubber compound, which this summer Pirelli tyres protects over many years and guarantees a consistently high performance. Also contributing both continuous tread blocks in with that are located in the center of the tyre. Moreover, the Pirelli Chrono has a further optimized profile stiffness, even with heavy loads optimal trackability and even wear guaranteed. Thanks to the special tread pattern of the Pirelli Chrono also has a high resistance to overload even during long periods of the vehicle.

Pirelli - the global players from Italy

tyres from Pirelli are already appreciated by millions of customers around the world. No wonder, all models feature the native to Milan Group but at a very high quality as well as countless good handling characteristics. Founded back in 1872, the company set up by Giovanni Battista Pirelli has a wealth of experience in the development and manufacturing of tyres. There are already too tyres for trucks , for sporty cars and for agricultural vehicles and motorcycles.

Pirelli Chrono is a high quality tyre is specially designed for vans. With its sophisticated tread pattern has this model to achieve the best traction even in wet and wet and is protected against overloads even during long periods in a high degree.

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