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Pirelli Scorpion ATR is a versatile all-season tyres for four-wheel vehicles and SUVs

Pirelli Scorpion ATR is a versatile all-season tyres with M + S approval, which goes very well with light and medium SUV and all-terrain vehicles. As so-called all-terrain or mixed tyre is the Pirelli tyre designed both for driving off-road, as well as on the road.

Pirelli Scorpion ATR is offroad and on the road good driving

In offroad use the Pirelli Scorpion ATR is its good handling on any terrain. When used in the grounds of the Scorpion ATR of catches Pirelli also of greater ground unevenness outgoing, stronger shocks. Its Robust forest with reinforced edge secure him even with heavy use in the field against damage. The handling of the Pirelli Scorpion ATR on the road provides security even when braking and when cornering.

A profile for high-road traction, safety and comfort on the road

Width, pronounced tread blocks on the tyre shoulder ensure an extremely stable profile, which improves lateral grip as well as an optimized acceleration and deceleration provides. With its rugged profile of Scorpion ATR excellent traction properties shows on dry, wet and wintry roads and. On the road, the weather tyre offers excellent driving stability and, with its well-drained profile there even better protection against the risk of aquaplaning. In terrain profile of Pirelli Scorpion ATR for safe and precise handling ensures and reduced along with the special tyre compound, the rolling noise of the tyres, which increases driving comfort considerably.

Pirelli Scorpion ATR is an all-terrain tyre for year-round operation on SUVs and similar off-road vehicles. The versatility of the Scorpion ATR is in good driving behavior on the road, when driving off-road and in winter conditions.

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