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Pirelli Scorpion Verde - an environmentally friendly summer tyre has it all

As the name implies already, a great attention was paid to high environmental compatibility in the development and production of the Pirelli Scorpion Verde. And this is also succeeded: With its high energy efficiency and eco-friendly materials that convinced summer tyres all round and can also boast a high mileage.

High mileage and low rolling noise

This summer tyre for off-road, SUV and 4x4 vehicles is not only extremely environmentally friendly, but also very strong and. This is thanks to the numerous product innovations, as well as state of the art materials, so that the Pirelli Scorpion Verde environmental protection, economy, safety and comfort combined in a convincing manner. So you can benefit as drivers of a considerably lower fuel consumption and lower emissions of CO2 emissions. In addition, the environmentally friendly materials this summer tyre from Pirelli , so that the pollution is reduced during production to a minimum. The low noise and high mileage of the Pirelli Scorpion Verde does add a Rest that designed every car journey very comfortable and safe even under difficult weather conditions.

Pirelli - the successful company from Milan

The tyre manufacturer Pirelli was founded in 1872 and can look back on a very successful and long history. This is especially the high quality and excellent mileage of all Pirelli tyres owe, so even more demanding customers are highly satisfied. Thanks to intensive research and development work of the company's models can also repeatedly come up with new product innovations.

The Pirelli Scorpion Verde the owners of off-road, SUV and 4x4 vehicles are safe and very comfortable on the road in bad weather. This ensure the innovative and environmentally friendly technologies and the elaborately designed tread pattern, so that this model of Pirelli with a high mileage and optimum environmental compatibility can score.

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