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Optical failed, with secure grip: The Sonar SX1 EVO

With an exceptional profile design of the Sonar SX1 EVO impressed summer tyres. The directional tread pattern is distinguished by particularly wide, V-shaped arranged slats. Narrower slats and two wide and two narrow midrib complete the classy look. The summer tyre knows, of course not only visually pleasing; the failed profile design also contributes to a good and safe driving behavior.

Secure grip and reduced tyre noise

The broad shoulders of the Sonar SX1 EVO succeeds, the handling in the wet compared to previous models of sonar summer tyres to improve still. Water can be pushed to the side. By excellent aquaplaning properties of Sonar SX1 EVO maintains a firm grip even on wet roads. The tread design also offers another advantage: It reduces the rolling noise. Therefore, the Sonar SX1 EVO provides not only a high level of security, but also great riding comfort.

Economic tyres for high speed

The sporty design of the Sonar SX1 EVO comes in conjunction with the matching wheels to their best advantage. The summer tyre has been specifically designed for mid-range and high-end vehicles. This is also reflected in the speed class on this tyre is approved. the Sonar SX1 EVO may be risks with a top speed of 270 km/h which corresponds to the speed class W. The tyre offers budget-conscious motorists a good relationship between cost and performance. Due to its low deformation and low rolling resistance, the Sonar SX1 EVO uses only slowly and thus proves to be very economical.

The drivers of powerful cars coming by Sonar SX1 EVO their money. Good handling characteristics in any weather and a sporty design are offered at the summer tyre.

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