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Michelin truck tyres - safe in all weathers

Groundbreaking was in 1946, the development of radial tyres from Michelin, which not only have a double life as bias tyres, but also make driving on the roads safely. Unlike cross-ply tyres, the carcass is truck tyres arranged in radial construction so that a high stability and thus safe driving even in difficult road results. But these are not the only advantages of Michelin truck tyres.

Technology of Michelin - all combined in one tyre

Michelin does not stand still in development. Always new technologies lead to a steady improvement in Michelin tyres . The latest development is called Durable Technologies. It is more explications, which are also used in Michelin truck tyres. Especially in the profile to efficient innovations that bring more power on the one hand and security on the other hand hiding. So Water drop and self-renewing slats ensure a high adhesion properties, even when wet or snow - and over the entyre lifespan.

save fuel with the optimum rolling resistance

But just when it comes to fuel-efficient driving, Michelin has made thoughts. In view of ever-increasing fuel prices, it depends on a low fuel consumption. In order to achieve the, the rolling resistance has to be right. Therefore, both the Michelin truck tyres as well as the car tyres of renowned French manufacturer added the so-called silica, which reduces heat loss and therefore the rolling resistance. This effectively saves gasoline.

Conclusion: Michelin truck tyres by the increasingly advanced technology one of the safest product groups in its segment, which have proven to many renowned test. For straight trucks should come not only on time, but also safely.

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