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Quality expected of Yokohama tyres

The company Yokohama was founded in 1917th Since then more than 90 years have passed. For a long time, during one of the largest tyre manufacturers worldwide participated intensively on the development and production of new tyres. In 1969 Yokohama made the big breakthrough in the USA. There are advanced development centers, where some of the safest and most modern tyres in the world arise. In this innovative technology is used directly from the Japanese research labs. A large company for safe and sporty tyres.

Sports, driving comfort and safety

For nearly a whole century dealt Yokohama car tyres with research, even safer, sportier look, but should also make ecological. With success. The company has a lot of ambition with some of the best car tyres developed, which can be found on the market. The best proof of this are certainly sports cars that are fitted with Yokohama tyres. In Germany, the company is established with a nationwide network.

A car tyre for all cases

The Yokohama tyres not only provides high stability, which he makes an extremely sporty driving style, he is above all very quiet. Blue Earth AE-01 proves that a car tyre on dry and wet roads can get a top score simultaneously. This is demonstrated by numerous tests that expose the tyres in extreme conditions. Fuel-efficient tyres, this type is also. V903 is a winter tyre which has been specifically developed for the compact class. He has the best traction in the worst weather conditions such as snow or rain. A low rolling resistance allows a lower fuel consumption. World famous are the sporty tyres from the series Advan .

With Yokohama tyres you're always sure you're sporty and comfortable. An innovative technology for the perfect car tyres.

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