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The wheels of a car essentially consist of two parts: the rim and the actual tyre. While the car tyres affect the road and the safety of a vehicle significantly contribute wheels the total weight of the vehicle and distribute it so evenly on the road. If the weight of an average car it is obvious how important is choosing the right wheels.
wheels: A question of material

Basically, can be used with rim between two types of materials: The conventional steel rim and the Alloy Wheels, better known as alu. For steel wheels are mostly to the standard equipment of a car, while alloy wheels are among the genuine Yamaha extras. Especially in the premium brand segment, it may already occur the alloy wheels to the basic equipment of a vehicle include include.

Wheels: diversity for each vehicle?

While steel wheels usually can be attached to each vehicle, it is with alloy wheels differently. The manufacturer sold stock wheels can be used without hesitation, be guaranteed at Rim third party must ensure that either a general operating is present, or on which the wheels must be entered in the vehicle documents. Whether a rim is at all technically compatible with a vehicle depends on the number of holes and the hole circle of the hole circle of the wheel offset and the diameter of the Radnarbenbohrung. Just Alloy wheels often have a larger bore than normal wheels. Here will be resorted to an existing plastic centering ring, which compensates for the different diameters. Steel wheels are more favorable than a rule alloy wheels . This is due to the material used and the higher production costs in the production of such wheels. Alloy wheels stand out not only partially improved driving characteristics primarily by their appearance. Alloy wheels evaluate the effect on the overall picture of a vehicle and provide for a general athletic and valent appearance of the motor vehicle. From the diameter and the width of a rim inevitably results also which tyres can be used. Wheels are in accordance with the DIN 7817 (car) or the DIN standardized 7820 (commercial vehicles) in Germany. The rim diameter is obtained from the distance between the rim shoulders, while the rim width is measured between the rim flanges.

By changing of diameter of a rim when changing, so is always to ensure that the tyre circumference always remains the same, which is possible, for example, with a customized tyre section. Failure to retain the rolling circumference, there is a misalignment of the speedometer: There are no longer displayed the correct speeds. This can be countered with a simple readjustment of the speedometer.

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