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14 inch Wheels

14-inch wheels have a diameter of 35.56 cm thus belong to the small to medium sized rim models . Reared they are mainly small cars and compact cars. For cars of the middle class have bigger dimensions are preferred in most cases.
wheels for small and compact cars

Which tyre sizes and which wheels are suitable for a vehicle is specified on the registration document. Wheels with a diameter of 14 inches, for example, typical of the VW Golf and similar cars of this class. 14-inch wheels are versatile: you can put together with winter tyres are mounted, summer tyres and all-season tyres. The range of wheels in this common dimension is large. Hardly any manufacturer producing wheels for car tyres, which does not have 14-inch wheels in the range. Motorists can therefore individually decide on the wheels that match their tastes and your wallet.

14 inch wheels made of aluminum or steel

14 inch wheels for cars are available in different versions: as aluminum wheels and a steel wheels. Steel wheels are often somewhat less expensive and more robust, can therefore also carry higher weights. Alloy wheels are against something lighter and are available in many different designs. The 14 inch model is available in sporty designs that also lend subcompact and compact car a dynamic appearance. Especially in the tuning community alloy wheels are very popular, but other motorists like to use the models. 14-inch wheels in fashionable aluminum design values the own vehicle on a few simple steps.

A rim diameter of 14 inches is the standard for many small cars and compact cars. The range of 14-inch wheels is correspondingly large, so that every motorist finds models according to his taste and his purse.

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