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15 inch wheels and their properties

Wheels are an important design element for vehicles. The wheels influence the appearance of a carriage substantially. Choosing the right wheels is not only a functional decision, but also a matter of personal taste. Many drivers of compact cars choose 15 inch rims with a diameter of 30.10 cm converted.

Pleasant ride and attractive appearance

The trend is towards larger wheels. Even the Golf is now on its way to tyres of 16 inch diameter. Many models in the compact class and the lower middle class are however still equipped with 15 inch rims. The average dimensions are a good compromise between a reasonable price, a pleasant ride and an attractive appearance. Offered are 15-inch wheels for a variety of vehicles: cars and vans can be equipped with these wheels, as well as some SUVs. Also some truck models are designed with 15-inch wheels and the corresponding tyres.

Aluminum or steel? The variants of the 15-inch model

Whether rims fit with a diameter of 15 inches to the host vehicle, a glance at the vehicle registration certificate. Here the tyre dimensions are listed, with which the car may be driven. Pass 15 inch rims for their own vehicle, are consumers before the election, whether the rims are made of steel or aluminum. Both variants have advantages: steel wheels are usually cheaper, but also more robust and can carry heavier loads. Alloy wheels are available in many fashionable designs, they are lighter and will also improve vehicle handling. Ultimately, it remains a matter of personal preference whether you opt for steel or aluminum wheels.

15 inch wheels give especially compact cars an attractive appearance. In particular, aluminum wheels are available in numerous versions, which underline the design of the car skillfully.

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