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16-inch wheels or larger models?

The bigger the wheels are, the more expensive they are. For free traders but you can save money.

Comfortable and inexpensive

A visually powerful appearance by car you get with big wheels. As the automakers big wheels take your money, it is also a question of price, if you want to drive 18 or 16-inch wheels. There is also the question of steel or aluminum wheels . If you do not pay quite as much money, try to get the desired wheels via a free trader. Or start the Internet a price comparison.

16-inch wheels offer more comfort

Small wheels offer car owners Although no special optical effect, but promise an easier handling, such as a safe vehicle behavior and a precise steering property. The small wheels have a higher cross-section than larger wheels and roll with it better. The larger tyre cross section (with smaller wheels) Also the comfort increases. The suspension flatter tyre, however, is not as good.

The 16-inch wheels, whether aluminum or steel wheels , ranging from completely for road transport. If sporty handling is desired, kommewn mostly larger wheels are used. They give a vehicle a better appearance.

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