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17 inch wheels - offer the perfect compromise

Whether in the star pattern, arranged as a turbine or rather in flower form - especially the optics is in the choice of wheels with many buyers decisively. Here own wheels depending on the material and size of different properties. These have sometimes positive effect on driving characteristics, fuel consumption or longevity.

Comfortable ride and low fuel consumption

17-inch wheels and the corresponding tyres are size when compared to the golden mean. They belong to the most common wheels for passenger cars and are both a steel rim as well as alloy wheels offered. This is again at its balanced properties. The larger the rim is, the smaller the cross-section of the associated tyre. This has a direct impact on ride comfort, because a larger cross section improves the damping of the tyre. For larger tyres have more tread and therefore more grip, which reduces the braking distance and steering precision optimized. tyres with a larger dimensioning have two other drawbacks: the fuel consumption is a few percent higher, on average, and the mileage is worse. Visually larger rims are much more noticeable.

With the size of the price increases

In the 17-inch wheels, the best properties are united at first glance. The ride comfort is high, the material wear of the tyre low and short braking distances are provided. 17-inch tyres are therefore a very good choice for normal road traffic. However, in all areas only good values are precisely achieved and the look is rather simple. One aspect in the choice of matching rim is still the price: 17-inch wheels are better than 18 or 19 inch rims - The larger, the more expensive.

17 inch rims convincing ride comfort, good braking performance and low fuel consumption. They are visually much more restrained than larger rim sizes. But they are cheaper and a few euros.

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