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18 inch wheels: Large Alus for tuning fans

Hardly anything determines the appearance of a vehicle as much as the wheels and rims. therefore not only the tuning community takes great care with which rims a car is equipped with most other motorists are considered stylish and visually to the car matching rims. 18 inch rims are also having a diameter of 45.72 cm converted to the larger versions.

Wheels for the High Performance range

Car, SUV , van, truck - 18-inch wheels come in all different vehicles. For cars suitable rims of large dimension performance area are in demand especially for cars from the High Performance and Ultra High. This means that these vehicles have a lot of horsepower under the hood and be driven at high speeds. Wheels with a diameter of 18 inches ensure good cornering and high driving stability even at fast speeds. At the same time, they provide a more comfortable ride than wheels that have a still larger diameter.

Steel or aluminum? What rims are suitable for the vehicle?

For vehicles with a larger body, about SUV or truck, including 18-inch wheels frequently as standard. On most vehicles, the owner can choose whether they Alloy Wheels prefer or steel wheels. Due to the large loads that they transport, trucks are, however, equipped with steel wheels. These are robust and meet the high requirements in transport traffic stood. Motorists who want to upgrade their cars with 18-inch wheels, on the other hand have the choice of many different models, from plain to sporty or exceptionally in several colors.

Whether with summer tyres or winter tyres combined, 18-inch wheels make a sporty impression. They are a good compromise between a secure, dynamic handling and a comfortable ride.

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