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Autec and modern production

With an attractive offer and reasonable prices of the rim manufacturer Autec has drawn attention to itself. It is dedicated to the manufacturer the different categories of vehicles which are on the streets every day on the road.

The preserved until today at the launch

With the establishment of Autec GmbH & Co. KG, one purpose was pursued in 1988, which were identified as targets of the company. These were to the sales of aluminum wheels , produced by the company for motor vehicles. Since 1997 Autec belongs to BCW automotive engineering GmbH. At the same time in the same year, a relocation of the plant of Autec GmbH has taken place. Since the range has been continuously developed due to an increase in demand, in 2003 the relocation of the plant to Schifferstadt is done. With a storage capacity of 100,000 wheels it continued initially until in 2010 Autec chose an extension. Now the house has a storage capacity of up to 300,000 wheels.

Traditional alloy wheels program of Autec

The more than 20 aluminum wheels that are available have been developed in the traditional colors. Specifies the picture is this of anthracite, black, graphite or silver. The structures may otherwise have been drafted. Fitted were the wheels Autec with different spokes. Some aluminum wheels have five spokes, while others were equipped with five double spokes. It may also involve covered spokes.

Reliable and solid house Autec will continue promoting innovative designs for wheels, so that every driver can realize his ideas.

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