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Alloy Wheels

With aluminum wheels is usually to extras available at surcharge for a vehicle. In fact, there are some manufacturers who equip their models equal standard with aluminum wheels, usually it involves known premium brands. However, can theoretically any vehicle with alloy rims retrofitted.

Alloy wheels: the production

Alloy wheels are either cast or forged. In this case, a forged aluminum wheel noticeably differ in their weight of a cast wheel, which is due to the production process. With a forged rim so adjusts an actual weight loss and hence better performance values ​​for each vehicle. Each alloy wheel is provided in the production process with a special coating which makes the rim resistant.

Better performance by aluminum wheels

By using Aluflegen the unsprung weight of a vehicle, which makes for a better contact of the shock absorbers to the road change. This increases the performance of a vehicle. Thanks to the low weight of aluminum wheel also adjusts automatically lower fuel consumption. Thus, such rims ensure that a vehicle is much more efficient. Also located by the air permeability in comparison with a normal steel rim better brake cooling off what may just be at particularly high-performance vehicles advantageous. Some manufacturers of performance sports cars start writing the use of alloy wheels, therefore and require the driver with it. Whether an aluminum wheel compatible with a vehicle must always be clarified in advance. With aluminum wheels, which are selling by the vehicle manufacturer, there are no mind. Alloy Wheels third party however, must either have an ABE (general approval), or can be entered by the vehicle owner to check the TÜV in the vehicle documents. In addition to the improved performance is what Alloy wheels naturally also about to upgrade the entyre look of a vehicle. As a rule, give rims a vehicle not only a more sporty, but also a more valuable appearance. Alloy wheels are more corrosion resistant than steel wheels, which does not mean that the wheels should not be cleaned and maintained. Expensive rims have special coatings that they are also in the winter make insensitive to de-icing agents and de-icing salts, yet thorough care in these cases advised.

Unlike traditional wheels of steel to aluminum wheels can very well repair, especially when it comes to multi-piece rims. This of course depends on the degree of damage, but usually have defective aluminum wheels not be replaced as frequently as defective steel wheels it would. By investing in alloy wheels, therefore can also save money in the long run.

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