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Overview: Ats Wheel

The Ats Wheel is one of the companies UNIWHEELS which a leading manufacturer of aluminum wheels are. In addition to conventional Ats Wheel, anyone can buy, the rims come in motorsport around the world to use. Even in the Formula 1, the wheels were used, and have achieved a high level of awareness.

Sporty design outside the racetrack

The Ats wheels are stylish yet elegantly designed, the designers have done on all wheels, which runs the company, very good job. This confirm the successes which have been run at Tour Championship and in Formula 1 at the races. Besides tuners from around the world include automotive manufacturers to the long-term customers, who rely on Ats rims. Through timeless design which have Ats rim, they match all vehicles in the smaller classes. Because even a small car has with the rims from the house Ats a sporty appearance. What else only luxury executive cars was common, is now also possible with cheaper cars.

High-quality materials help to Quality

The Ats wheels are manufactured according to the latest technology, the most attention is paid to quality. After all, are tyres and wheels as the main instrument connection between the vehicle and the road. Numerous tests confirm that the ATS rims are high quality and at the same time provide the best driving comfort. Through the experience in motorsport benefit the ordinary customer, because there the wheels can be thoroughly tested.

By the sporty design and good handling characteristics, the Ats Wheel suitable for each driver. Even for small vehicles make the wheels of a sporty character.


Ats Car Wheels

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