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Oxigin wheel and the play of colors

The successful manufacturers of aluminum wheels, Oxigin , manufactures Dont rims. The company makes these wheels now also a lot of color.

Expertise Oxigin at all times

Already establishing in 2000, the company has attracted attention as unusual colors and forms at that time were the focus. The innovative nature of the company underlines Oxigin today with the latest development at the beginning of the season when tuning in 2012. Now many models are presented in color. In addition to expanding the second brand of Oxigin the presentation of the alloy wheels the company Oxigin from Esslingen on the Geneva Motor Show takes place. How beautiful can be tuning, this year will be on the models Audi R8 and White Double E61 significantly. In the summer of 2012, which was previously and resulted in the new model CA 8 Liberty, which is available now in three sizes.

Colorful variety of alloy wheels

Those looking for a slightly different wheel design, takes place in the program of Oxigin a great choice . can select motorists made between colors such as gold, red and blue. In addition, colors such as yellow and orange are available. To receive a much more intensive personal touch the vehicles. Oxigin provides to the design of the models in a variety of sizes. As can offer up to 20 models for a rim of Oxigin ever.

Color Joy is the key when the wheels of Oxigin come into play. In this way, leaving motorists a lasting impression and continued enjoyment of a truly personalized car.

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