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MSW- successfully since now more than 30 years

MSW - since the 80s, this brand of Italian tyre producer OZ is considered a particularly good when it comes to quality and reliability. With different types of metals, the company rims ago 14-22 inches, which are ideally suited for motor sport or normal cars.

What comes in MSW?

As trademark of OZ all began in 1980 with the models Ceres and Galaxy on. But that's enough about models, much more important is the goal of MSW: particular attention is on the one hand on the design that across the board timeless or modernity is optically adjusted. But most important is the safety of the wheels made of various types of steel. Safe on the road and probably by TÜV as it also belongs. This security in mind, I can search for customers model their taste here.

The arsenal of MSW, wheels for every situation and every weather

In MSW customers from the "vanguard", so choose normal wheels or also from the arsenal of rims for winter tyres. Here are two new models were recently released. These rims are thicker than conventional, because the winter tyres bulkier and thicker than conventional tyres. These wheels come manauch winter safely through the inverted, provided you drive accordingly!

With car rims of MSW can not go wrong, because, when it comes to security, not sacrificing quality may not be made! With MSW one is well advised here.

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