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Portrait of the wheel manufacturer Rial

The European wheel manufacturers Rial was founded over 30 years ago and have since then it managed repeatedly positive attention. The European company is one of the world sizes in the range of the rim assembly.

Pioneer in the wheel branch

Much of the notoriety of Rial rims comes from the fact that the rim manufacturer was the world's first, which own Formula 1 team founded. The enormous burden on the material, which can occur in these races, speaking for the consistently high quality, which require Rial Wheels for themselves. The corporate philosophy is designed for consistent growth and development.

Rial wheels of modern production

How important is Rial reputation, a glance at the more than 260,000 square meters factory premises. Here the company has housed not only own smelting and casting plants, but also the in-house development and design department. The manufacturer's wheels are all carefully tested and with the latest technology. This produces mainly Rial rims . In the production one is fully aware that supporting role have wheels on a car and cares about the quality - and thus also the safety - very seriously. By the method of acrylic clear coat powder coating sets and keeps Rial equally high quality wheels standard.

Quality, innovation, tradition and security, these are all attributes which characterize Rial and make one of the leading wheel manufacturer in the world. The products not only meet all German quality standards, but also all the European requirements. Moreover, the performance values of the Rial rims are well above the standards.

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